D&D: The Deck of Many Things

One of the most memorable events during our game was the discovery of the Deck of Many Things.


WARNING: Long, D&D-ridden blogpost to follow (with drawings)

We were dungeon crawling, as adventurors are wont to do, and we came upon an imprisoned fellow named Helios.


We freed the guy and as thanks he pulled out the Deck of Many Things and made us an offer.

"You may each draw up to four cards. You must tell me the number you wish to draw beforehand. That is the number you MUST draw. No more, no less. You will reap the rewards or suffer the consequences."

The Deck of Many Things is a deck of cards that grants the drawer a gift or a curse.

Of course, we were all interested. Everyone drew cards and two particularly memorable events transpired. One concerning Pete, the other, Narg. I'll get to Narg's in different post (sorry, Adam).

Pete asks for three cards.


The first card he draws grants him a personal fighter, who had to obey every order Pete gave. A dwarf appeared in the room with us. Pete named him Todd. 


"Todd, draw a card," Pete ordered.

Todd drew a card and got the same result as Pete. His own personal fighter. Another dwarf appeared. Someone named him Jim.


"Todd, fight Jim to the death."

Jim killed Todd.


I suppose, at this point, Jim's servitude to Todd defaulted to Pete.

"Jim, draw a card."

Jim, as luck would have it, drew the same card as Pete and Todd. Another dwarven fighter appeared.

His name became Todd 2.


Pete granted Jim and Todd 2 a reprieve by not forcing them to fight to the death.

As I said, we all drew cards and had various results. And then we continued our adventures. Through the course of said adventures, Todd 2 managed to die a few times. The group had an odd affection to Todd 2, so each time, we would get him ressurrected.

For those not "in the know" there are a few different kinds of resurrection in the D&D world. True resurrection brings the dead back as they were when they lived. It's as if they had just awoken from sleeping. Lesser resurrections bring the dead back with their memories, intelligence, etc., intact, but in a new body.

Todd 2 died four or five times. I can't remember each resurrection, but among them he was brought back as a human:


And eventually a goblin:


Todd 2 got angrier with each resurrection, and goblin form was definitely the angriest. By that point, he had become the flag-bearer for the party. A role I don't think he cherished.